1. Who are you?

Feminists concerned about the sex industry and the harm it does to women.

2. What is this campaign about?

Please see our About page.

3. Where does this campaign run?

We currently have chapters in Toronto, Canada and Austin, Texas.

4. What do the gift bags include?

A rose, a candle, a brief letter, and a contact card.

The letter explains what the campaign is about and includes a few words of kindness.

5. Is this a religious campaign?

No – we are secular and feminist.

We don’t see women in the sex industry as sinners who need to be saved from anything. Instead, we look at the evidence: that women who get into the sex trade usually don’t have other options, and that they endure a lot of abuse inside the industry. We offer a smile and a gift bag. If the women choose, they can get in touch with us and have someone friendly and supportive to talk to. If they are interested and ready, we can also direct them to resources to get out of the industry, learn more about feminism, and transition to a healthier life.

6. Why are you doing this? 

Because we care about women who are suffering and need support. Because we are women ourselves, and we care deeply about our sisters.

7. Is there a political agenda with this?

There is no “political agenda”. The point is simply to reach out to women

Even if they choose to follow up, the focus is on lending them a sympathetic ear and support for exiting – if they are ready for it.

8. But what’s wrong with stripping? Women choose to do it.

Please see our post explaining the harms related to stripping and the sex industry.

9. How can I get in touch with you?

Please see our Contact page.

10. I’m a woman in the industry and I want to get out. Can you help me?

We’d love to!

Please see the Getting Out page.