“Touch a Woman’s Heart” is a campaign aimed to reach out to women being (ab)used in the sex industry.

Twice a month, we visit local strip clubs to give the women working there a gift bag. The point is to let the women know that they are loved, appreciated, and valued as human beings – and not just sex objects.

Among other things, the gift bags include contact information. Women who want to can follow up and get in touch if they need support or even just someone to talk to.

“Touch a Woman’s Heart” breaks down barriers between women and promotes solidarity.

This campaign is NOT about religion or conversion. We don’t think that women are sinners who need to be “saved” from anything. We know that women are often poor and need to survive in a world where they are mostly valued as sex objects. We don’t judge the women; we judge the men who buy them and the sexist society that pushes them to sell their bodies.

For more info about the harms of the sex industry, including feminist critiques of it, please see our post on the subject.



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